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Lens Testing, Round 1

  Part 5. Stopped-Down Edge Target

lens test 30_8 edge.jpg (41694 bytes)

30 Arsat. Looks good even through the compression caused by fisheye distortion.

Coming soon: Hartblei 45mm PCS.

lens test 45_f8 edge.jpg (63671 bytes)

45mm Mir. More contrast than wide open, but not much more resolution.

lens test 50_f8 edge.jpg (64106 bytes)

50mm Flektogon. Again, a disappointment at the edges. The contrast is better, but the same coma tendency visible wide open is here. Camera shake isn't likely--the tendency is the same as with the wide-open exposure.

lens test 80a_f8 edge.jpg (48500 bytes)

80mm Arsat. Better than the Volna, and second best overall in this category.

lens test 80v_f8 edge.jpg (62100 bytes) (OLD IMAGE!)

80mm Volna. When they say the Volnas are better than the newer Arsats, they didn't mean this pair.

lens test 120_f8 edge.jpg (51813 bytes)

120mm Vega. An outstanding performer in this category--among the best. Group 3 is resolved every bit as well (and perhaps even a bit better) compared the Arsat normal, and better than the Volna normal.

lens test 180_f8 edge.jpg (53001 bytes)

180mm Sonnar. See the color? Camera shake would not explain color, but something is making this lens worse stopped down. Intentionally undercorrected spherical aberration?

lens test 240_f8 edge.jpg (66325 bytes)

240mm doubled Vega. Oooh, lots of color here. The teleconverter is adding chromatic aberration.

lens test 360_f8 edge.jpg (54419 bytes)

360mm doubled Sonnar. The color and loss of contrast has almost wiped out Group 3, but the lines are still resolved under the microscope.

Here are the rankings for edge performance stopped down:

120 Vega
80 Arsat
30 Arsat
180 Sonnar
80 Volna
45 Hartblei
45 Mir
240 2x Vega 
360 2x Sonnar
50 Flektogon

In the next page, we will discuss the Sonnar issue.

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