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Lens Testing, Round 1

  Part 4. Stopped-Down Center Target

lens test 30_f8 ctr.jpg (60009 bytes)

30mm Arsat. Group 4 is solidly resolved under the microscope.

Coming soon: Hartblei 45mm PCS.

lens test 45_f8 ctr.jpg (122174 bytes)

45mm Mir. Group 4 is resolved--barely.

lens test 50_f8 ctr.jpg (51964 bytes)

50mm Flektogon. Group 4's horizontal lines are sharp, but the vertical lines aren't quite as good. But it's still excellent, second only to the 30.

lens test 80a_f8 ctr.jpg (47505 bytes)

80mm Arsat. Not quite as good as the Flektogon.

lens test 80v_f8 ctr.jpg (54432 bytes)

80mm Volna. Not quite as good as the Arsat.

lens test 120_f8 ctr.jpg (52253 bytes)

120mm Vega. More contrast than wide open, and a little better resolution, too.

lens test 180_f8 ctr.jpg (60592 bytes)

180mm Sonnar. The contrast is much better than wide open, but the resolution is worse. We will take a look at this mystery later on.

lens test 240_f8 ctr.jpg (65469 bytes)

240 doubled Vega. Resolution of the horizontal lines is not so good here, and camera shake is a real possibility. But contrast is much better than wide open.

lens test 360_f8 ctr.jpg (63155 bytes)

360mm doubled Sonnar. Now this is showing camera shake. The horizontal lines are smeared but the vertical lines are not, showing some up and down movement while the shutter was open. A puff of wind? Most likely.

The rankings for stopped-down center resolution:

30 Arsat
50 Flektogon (excellent in the center!)
180 Sonnar
120 Vega
80 Arsat
45 Mir
80 Volna
45 Hartblei (not as good as the Mir!)
240 2x Vega
360 2x Sonnar

The next page will show the results at the edge of the frame while stopped down.

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