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Lens Testing, Round 1

 Part 3. Wide Open Edge Target

lens test 30_f35 edge.jpg (43642 bytes)

30mm Arsat. Still good, resolving Group 3. Note the effects of fisheye distortion.

Coming soon: Hartblei 45mm PCS.

lens test 45_f35 edge.jpg (45330 bytes)

45mm Mir. Not quite resolving Group 3, and showing a bit of astigmatism (coma).

lens test 50_f4 edge.jpg (46796 bytes)

50mm Flektogon. This one is a disappointment. The pronounced coma limits performance on the vertical bars.


lens test 80a_f28 edge.jpg (45307 bytes)

80mm Arsat. Resolving Group 3, but contrast is low.

lens test 80v_f28 edge.jpg (39089 bytes)

80mm Volna. Neither resolution nor contrast as good as the Arsat.

lens test 120_f28 edge.jpg (43587 bytes)

120mm Vega. Excellent!

lens test 180_f28 edge.jpg (54617 bytes)

180mm Sonnar. Even better! Better than in the center.

lens test 240_f28 edge.jpg (57140 bytes)

240mm doubled Vega. See the color? It's a blue fringe on the left edge of the bars.

lens test 360_f28 edge.jpg (47965 bytes)

360mm doubled Sonnar. The color is here, too, but the resolution is quite good.

And the rankings:

180 Sonnar
120 Vega
80 Arsat
80 Volna
30 Arsat
45 Hartblei
240 2x Vega
360 2x Sonnar
45 Mir
50 Flektogon (a real disappointment at the edges wide open)

In the next section we will look at the results stopped down.

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