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Lens Testing, Round 1

 The Images

 Part 2. Wide Open, Center Target

lens test 30_35 ctr.jpg (59920 bytes)

30mm Arsat Fisheye. Sharp, clear, and highly resolved. But because of the fisheye distortion, the image is bigger than with the other lenses. Close inspection of the negative shows that group four is clearly resolved (over 40 lines/mm)

Coming soon: Hartblei 45mm PCS.

lens test 45_f35 ctr.jpg (53723 bytes)

45mm Mir 26b. Low contrast, but resolving group 3.

lens test 50_f4 ctr.jpg (37958 bytes)

50mm Zeiss Flektogon. Much better than the Mir all the way around.

lens test 80a_28 ctr.jpg (51512 bytes)

80mm Arsat. Sharp and clear as you'd expect with a normal lens.

lens test 80v_f28 ctr.jpg (50008 bytes)

80mm Volna. Different than the Arsat but the same.

lens test 120_f28 ctr.jpg (43806 bytes)

120mm Vega, a good performer with good contrast, but not quite as sharp.

lens test 180_f28 ctr.jpg (45754 bytes)

180mm Zeiss Sonnar, an outstanding performer in resolution, but a bit low in contrast. This might be better in a newer, multicoated version.

lens test 240_f28 ctr.jpg (47208 bytes)

240mm doubled Vega. The teleconverter steals contrast, but the resolution is quite good.

lens test 360_f28 ctr.jpg (51168 bytes)

360mm doubled Sonnar. The low contrast of the Sonnar with the low contrast of the converter means REALLY low contrast.

Here is how I rank the lenses based on these images, and on seeing the actual negatives under a microscope:

30 Arsat (!)
Tie: 80 Volna, 80 Arsat,
Tie: 50 Flektogon (good in the center), 180 Sonnar, 120 Vega
45 Hartblei Shift
Tie: 45 Mir, 240 2X Vega
360 2x Sonnar

The next section will present the results for the edge target wide open.

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