This page will include large-format photographs made using black and white film during the period 1987 to 1993, when I lived in San Antonio. I spent considerable time dragging my Calumet 45NX view camera around to the various San Antonio missions. I had a darkroom and few other responsibilities and explored that approach to photography with some effort. These images will be added one by one, and rearranged from time to time.

All the images were scanned using an Epson V750Pro scanner with the stock 4x5 film holder. The software is either Epson Scan, Silverfast Ai, or Vuescan, all of which can produce excellent results.

Most of these large-format images are intended to be looked at large--much larger even than is possible on a computer monitor.

espadaaqueductstreamandalgae1993_small.jpg missionconcepcin1993_small.jpg missionconcepcinsouthtower1993_small.jpg espadadam1993_small.jpg

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