Races and Stories

Texas A&M Cycling Team--A Personal History

This article was published by USA-Cycling in their October 2001 magazine issue, and I'm reprinting the unedited version here. It's an update of a letter that I sent to the Texas A&M Cycling Team in 1996 that found its way to their web page.

Absurdist Running

Madeleine Page wrote this story and posted it to Rec.Running. That's where I found it, stole it, and posted it to Rec.Sport.Triathlon. This was her unwitting introduction to multisport. Having been happy as a runner, she became one of the Afflicted. Alas, her affliction was followed by a far more serious affliction, and she lost her battle to cancer on December 15, 2003. More about that when you follow the link.

Social Order

For those who would like to snub others on bike rides, but just can't quite figure out who.

Rick's All Natural 40/30/30 Bars

By popular demand, the healthy energy bar that tastes like and candy bar, and costs less, too. Make 'em yourself.

Race Reports

Here are the race reports and other stories that I've posted on various newsgroups and mail lists over the last several years. Why I would post these admissions of triathlon and running ineptitude is beyond me. Why you would read them is even harder to understand. Still more puzzling is why I keep them on this site. After Ironman, I indeed pursued other interests, as the old dates here and newer dates in other parts of the site attest. My waistline has expanded along with my spreading interests, but life happens that way.

The races start in August of '97. The reports I wrote before that time are lost in the mists of erased hard disks.

Bath House Duathlon, Dallas, Texas, August 1997

Metroplex Sprint Triathlon, Grand Prairie, Texas, September 1997

White Rock Half Marathon, Dallas, Texas, November 1997

Dick Granger Duathlon, Dallas, Texas, November 1997

White Rock Marathon Relay, Dallas, Texas, December 1997

Tom Landry Triathlon, Dallas, Texas, May 1998

Salisbury Triathlon, Salisbury, Maryland, May 1999

Reston Triathlon, Reston, Virginia, September 1999

The Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC, October 1999

Ironman USA, Lake Placid, New York, July 2000