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Articles from the Cutting Edge column of Triathlete Magazine. I had a short run as an author on bicycle technology, and then responded to reader questions from time to time. It was fun, but life moves on. In these articles, I spent most of my effort trying to debunk many common myths about bicycles, including the myth that bicycles as machines have no humanity.

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July, 1999, The Truth About Frame Materials, Part I. In this article, we will look at the properties of metals used in bike frames, in addition to a primer on materials science.

August, 1999, The Truth About Frame Materials, Part II. Here, we finish up about frame materials, and talk about how frame designers work with materials properties.

October, 1999, Is a Lighter Bike a Better Bike? Light weight sells, but what do you buy with it?

February, 2000, The Soul of a Bicycle. You may just think it's a jumble of metal or carbon, but bikes have a soul.