During the period up through 1993, I was able to make a few images from various trips to the American West using large-format equipment. Those negatives have been peacefully resting in storage since then, waiting for the time to uncover and scan them. These were all made using either a Calumet CC-400 view camera or a Calumet 45NX (Cambo SC) view camera. All were scanned using an Epson V750 using Vuescan and the supplied 4x5 film holder. Other details are noted below. As large-format images, web display can only scratch the surface of these images, and they look best as large prints.

castlerockcapitolreefnationalpark1992_small.jpg bridalveilfallsyosemite1992_small.jpg halfdomeanddeadtree1992_small.jpg halfdomefromglacierpointyosemite1992_small.jpg

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