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My own little corner of the Internet, where I put things so that others can see them.

Photography and music have been mainstays in my avocational life. The Photography link at left will take you to a fraction of my photographic work, some serious, some purely documentary, and some just for fun. I wish I could tell the difference.

And I have pursued music as a performer on Tuba since about age 12, and I have lots of tuba stuff that I share with other tuba players. Some of it might interest non-tuba players.

Before digital photography came along and turned all film equipment into junque, many of us, as amateurs and casual professionals, shopped decidedly down-market. One strategy for packing a lot of features into a tight fist was by the use of photography equipement from the Second World. The Golden Age for Kiev cameras was probably in the late 1990\'s and perhaps into about 2001 or so, but now as a backlash to the high-tech direction photography has taken, some of that old machinery has attracted new interest. Sometimes those old Ukrainian, Russian, and (formerly) East German cameras are worth more now than the high-end western alternatives that we could not afford in those days. Consequently, people still seek out information about it, and I still hear from folks who wander in here as a result of searching for information about Kiev and Pentacon cameras. Probably my most-read online article is my exploration and comparison of bokeh. That article is among the Kiev Camera articles, too, as is my article on getting tilt and shift lens capabilities on the cheap using a combination of modern digital cameras and ex-Soviet optics.

Old Stuff includes the articles I wrote way back on bicycle technology for Triathlete. They are old now, but the facts they contain will not wear out with changing styles. Old Stuff also includes Races and Stories comprising writings of mine and others on a variety of topics, including race reports from triathlons and foot races. My quest to complete an Ironman achieved over a decade ago, I have moved on. But these old stories still generate emails from those on the first stages of their own quest, so I\'ll leave them up as long as people read them. _